By Caroline Marcus In September 2015, I was delighted to speak on behalf of Kids in Museums at an international symposium at the National Museum of Korea, Seoul. The symposium title was “Museums Where Children Have Fun – Results and Challenges of Education at Children’s Museums” and my presentation was entitled “Kids are Taking Over… Read more »

By Caroline Marcus This is an adaptation of an article I wrote in 2016, as Takeover Day Director, Kids in Museums for Museums & Heritage Advisor We all want to be family friendly. But there’s a huge gulf between saying and doing, policy and practice. And families come in all shapes and sizes; most places… Read more »

By Yumiko TACHIBANA (Assistant Curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa) Without a doubt, every experience gained from UCL has pushed my career forward. I am currently Assistant Curator at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa back in Japan, and am in charge of various exhibitions and events. Before taking the MA course,… Read more »

By Kremena Dimitrova BA MA PGCHE FHEA Illustrator and Art and Design Lecturer In order to progress my career as an Illustrator and Art & Design Lecturer, deciding to study MA: Art & Design in Education at UCL Institute of Education was the obvious and favoured choice. My professional life since studying the course… Read more »

I’ve always had a passion for museums, galleries and heritage sites: My earliest ‘wow’ moment was at Shakespeare’s Birthplace, aged 11. My history teacher asked me to find an interesting item from the playwright’s house to illustrate my coursework. She was rather concerned when I came back with the tiny piece of material shown above…. Read more »